Auf dem Geisenberg – The Highwayman

Once upon a time, there stood a stronghold in the mountains around Geisenberg in the Siebengebirge region, clsoe to Bad Honnef, which served as headquarters of notorious highwaymen. The men plundered the local villages and stole their belongings and cattle only to sell it further afield where they were unknown. The leader of the group,…

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Castle Berge – The innocent Knight

Lord von Berge, as was demanded by custom, held court to settle disagreements and accusations. One of his knights, Engelbrecht von Boltenberg, had accused another, Gerlach von von Steinbach of murder. Von Steinbach was accused of ambushing the knight called Gerlach von Schwerven and killing him and his party. Outraged, von Steinback called him a…

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