Sagas and Songs

Germany has a rich history of hero sagas and songs. Each are based on historic events and characters. Many of these legends are well known and have been adopted into novels, films and even operas. Others are local stories and passed on from generation to generation. You will find a summary and historic background in each of these posts, alongside a modern re-telling of the legends. 

Roland with Olifant and his dead friend Olivier.

Song of Roland

The legend of Roland, also known as the song of Roland is an epic poem dating back to the 11th century and tells the story of the battle of the Roncevaux Pass in 778AD during the reign of Charlemagne. For more information and a modern re-telling, click here

Herzog Ernst of Swabia

The Legend of Ernst of Bavaria

The Legend of Ernst of Bayern is a German hero saga. It tells of the epic journey of the young duke Ernst, who is unjustly banished by the emperor, is lost on sea on his way to the holy land and survives numerous adventures to eventually find his way back to present the emperor with the most mystical of all gems in the empirical crown: the Orphan. For more information and a modern re-telling, click here.