Alte Kurfürstliche Burg, Boppard

The Legend of the Knight of Boppard

Around the time of the crusades, it is said that a large group of knights left Boppard and the surrounding castles to travel to the holy city. Konrad Beier of Boppard, however, was tasked to stay behind and defend the city if necessary. Initially, the enjoyed the responsibility and looked after the citizens of the region as well as marrying Maria, a beautiful lady who was alone in her castle, just like him.

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Binger Mäuseturm

The Legend of the Binger Mäuseturm

The Binger Mäuseturm is situated on Mäuseturmisland in the Rhine River. It was built in the early 14th century and mostly served as a custom station and single tower. The tower is most famous for the legend how it was named, which inspired authors such as Clemens Brentano, Victor Hugo and Ferdinand Freiligrath.

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Schloss Arenfels south

Arenfels Castle – The Legend of the Crusader

This is the story of the crusader knight Dieter, how he fell in love with the daughter of Arenfels and how the castle was destroyed and rebuild. The lord of Castle Arenfels had two lovely daughters, so lovely that their beauty was well known throughout the region. On day, a knight called Dieter of Castle…

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Castle Rolandseck

Castle Rolandseck – The Legend of Roland the Knight

This is the legend of how the Caste Rolandseck was build by Roland, the nephew of Charlemagne. He had married Hildegund, the daughter of the Lords of Castle Drachenfels and the two lived happily together until Roland was called to arms against the Moors. Heavy-hearted, the lovers parted and Hildegund waited patiently for the return…

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The Drachenfels – The Legend of the Dragon

Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived on a mountain overlooking the Rhine river in the Siebengebirge region called the Drachenfels. The local pagans regularly sacrificed prisoners and enemies to avoid calamity and in turn, the dragon did not burn their villages and farm.  One day, two chieftains met in combat. They…

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