The Legend of Fritz vom Rodenstein

Castle Rodenstein in the Odenwald area of southern Hesse is famous for its many myths and legends. One of them is about knight Fritz, whose loyal service and courages acts helped defend the empire beyond his grave.

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Imperial Palace Ingelheim

The Legend of Hildegard, Charlemagne’s wife

This is a legend about Charlemagne and his half-brother Taland, who falls in love with Hildegard, Charlemagne’s wife. When the emperor Charlemagne returned from Spain, he had to leave immediately to fight the Saxons, who had invaded his kingdom and burned churches and villages. He ordered Taland, his half-brother, to stay at the imperial palace at Ingelheim to protect the empress, Hildegard.

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The Legend of the Geiselstein

The Geiselstein is a strange rock formation on the Vogelsberg in the state of Hesse that was formed during the regions volcanic past. As with many such formations there is a famous story, this one suggesting that part of it looks like the face of a local Baron.

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Castle Rheinstein

The Lovers of Castle Rheinstein

This legend dates back to the 13th century, when Castle Rheinstein was called Castle Vogtsberg, a name that was dropped later. It tells the story of Gerda, the daughter of the local lord Sifrid. Sifrid had been a well-known knight in his youth, but had finally settled down to a more peaceful life, having married…

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