Castle Rodenstein

Castle Rodenstein is situated in the Odenwald region of Hesse on a hill at around 322m hight. As the name suggested, parts of the forest had to be cleared to build the stronghold (‘roden’ – to clear woodland). It was built around 1240 by the lards of Crumback and Rodenstein as protection against Reichenberg, supported…

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Castle Ehrenfels

Castle Ehrenfels is a ruin of a 13th century stronghold on the eastern Rhine slope. The region is famous for its wine production, making the castle a popular attraction. Since 2002, Castle Ehrenfels is part of the Unesco World Heritage Middle Rhine.

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Steckelberg Castle

The ruins of Steckelberg Castle are situated close to Ramholz, in Hesse, central Germany. The name can be derived from Middle High German for ‘steep hill’, referring to the steep inclines that lead up to it. It was build to control the routes through this mountainous area and overlooked the wine route from Fulda to…

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